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CAMPAQUIP is the only manufacturer in the world to make FULL size cast iron Griddle plates to fit Weber Q barbeques. To complete the range we make half size plates to match up with the original Weber half size plates thus allowing you a full area of griddle, or buy two of ours.
Campaquip being a world leader in design of cast iron griddle plates and improvements in flat plate barbeque cooking has achieved for you, plates that give you the utmost simplicity in cooking. You do not have to accept the grill on grate style plates and have your meats tainted by gases from petroleum (LPG) or oil/coal of natural gas.
By using Campaquip’s plates when camping or at home you can now cook anything you may wish, including the breakfast foods, burgers, meats, sausages, kebabs, omelets, vegetables and fruits. Most of these you cannot do on grill plates.
Why close the lid to cook? You dont cook everything in your oven at home. Now get the true taste of your barbequed food.
Cook the Aussie way. Hot flat plate, lid up (so you can see what you are cooking), and of course that drink in your hand.

Plate are tested to Australian standard AS4557. Ask us for a copy of the reports.

CAMPAQUIP will bring to you only the prime quality with safety that you expect and mostly with FREE AUSTRALIAN FREIGHT.

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